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2. System Configuration

2.1. Hardware and system software

RxDS is implemented as a client/server system running on UNIX platforms. A central database server is responsible for data integrity, reports, and SQL-queries. A second server system replicates the database and can be used as hot standby to guarantee high availability. The database interface (API) allows easy adaptation to any relational database system. Currently we use the Informix RDBMS.

As client system any platform able to run a X-Server can be used, especially Windows 95/NT. The user frontend can support one or several high resolution monitors.

A separate module is reasonible for the communication to different news agencies. It transfers rates to and from Reuters, Telerate etc. The protocols of all major agencies are supported.

RxDS unique realtime database architecture allows the easy integration of other systems.


2.2. Applications

RxDS consists of four integrated, but separately available modules:

Deal capture and position keeping, position evaluation and simulation, liquidity, profit/loss-calculation. Eventually transmission of deals to back office systems and general ledger.

Limit system with realtime monitoring capabilities. It controls market risk, credit risk and settlement risks

Information system. It allows the display of realtime rates on freely configurable screens.

Statistical database.

Host connectivity can be easily integrated if needed. Currently connections using 3270 emulation and LU6.2 are implemented.

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